Brighton Ourstory: The lavender Lounge.

Brighton Ourstory: The lavender Lounge. How bona it was to take a troll into town last Friday night to the Lavender Lounge and varda all those fantabulosa omi-polones and natter to a host of gorgeous dykes, glammed up trannies and bona Bi’s…

In other words, it was really nice to pop into town and see the GLTB community supporting such a brilliant night at the Jubilee library last night. With the books pushed to one side and a huge rainbow flag draped as a back drop, the evening was set. Cat Harding and Ritchie Hawker brought to the live the deliciously queer songs, originally written in the 1960 by Jo Purvis; with Colin Blanchflower accompanying them on piano. In between each song, Shanni Collins and Simon Lovat read short excerpts from the Brighton Ourstory archives. The whole evening ran smoothly, what little problems occurred, they were quickly and effortlessly dealt with, more seating appered before our eyes, as did the drink when it looked like we’d all drank Brighton dry of gin! All those involved in the project pulled off a brilliant night of nostalgia, which pulled in a big crowd from the GLBT community, all up for an evening of fun. A huge Congratulations to the Brighton Ourstory team, here’s looking forward to the next project bringing Brighton’s queer past to all.

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