Moscow Gay Pride Attacked Again.

With all the in-fighting and back biting we have seen over the last few years in the name of Brighton Gay Pride, it is all too easy to forget that there are people living in countries that crack down on the very idea that there is a LGBT community out there. Last Saturday Pride Marchers where once again attacked by a bunch of bullies, mainly neo-Nazis and right wing extremists. The Mayor of Moscow, (Mr. Sergey Sobyanin) stood by and witnessed the police arrest the peaceful pride participants.

The LGBT community in Moscow first tried to hold a LGBT Pride march in 2006, but the Mayor Nikolai Kulikov refused to allow the peaceful march to go ahead citing the rights of those with strong religious beliefs would be offended. The chief mufti for the Muslim population went one further and advocated violence against those who ignored the ban and took to the streets to protest against the Gay Pride ban.

Each year the LGBT community has asked their Mayor for the right to march in peace, to show there is a strong LGBT community living day in day out in Moscow. Every year they are faced with the same outdated prejudices and onslaught of violence. What is more appalling is how the Moscow police stand by and allow innocent LGBT peaceful protesters get attacked by other minority groups fueled by hatred.  

Last Saturday, the LGBT community once again took to the streets, knowing that they would be attacked, and that not only would the police stand by, but they would also arrest the peaceful protesters.

Now, Just for one moment stop worrying if you are going to be part of Gay Pride in the park, or join those on the beach and be thankful that you live in a country where you have the freedom to choose.

Then do this one thing, visit this website: and visit the Moscow Pride turns violent, stand with LGBT activists now! and show your support for those who live in fear of doing the things we take for granted on a daily bases.

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