Writing Everyday in October: Afterlife Exclusive: Betty Give’s her ‘Boop’ the Boot!










After many years of being one of the most recognisable sex-symbol on earth, Betty was relieved to find her cutesy yet overtly sexy image had at last fallen out of fashion. With the phone no longer ringing asking for a guest appearance on The Late, Late Show, let alone a day time appearance on Loose Women, Betty was happy to let go of everything and take comfort in the anonymity offered in the afterlife.

Upon arriving in the afterlife, the first thing Betty asked for was an extra large caftan that would forever hide her modesty; something that had been forever on display for all to see, even on days when Betty had longed for a moment of not being stared at.

For Betty, the most harrowing times had been in the early part of her career when her American artists thought it was their, “God-dam given right to draw and show off a young woman’s titties, fanny and legs at they felt fit. ”

The abuse didn’t stop there. For decades, Betty had been forced into an unnaturally painfully tight corset underneath her trademark black dress. Every corner of The Afterlife was filled with the heavenly sigh Betty gave as the wardrobe mistress undid her corset and at Betty’s request, threw it in the furnace. It came as no surprise that her second request for the most popular menu most starlets requested when they came to The Afterlife: double cheese burger, fries, cheesecake and a diet coke; all of which was devoured in seconds.

Then came the tears.

Regardless of who enters the afterlife, tears are a natural occurrence, combining; loss, laughter, freedom and hate. For Betty, it was the latter which poured down her face as she screamed out, “This voice, this voice has been nothing but a curse.”

Although here at the afterlife, all knowledge of what has gone before, is well documented long before a traveler makes their appearance; it is only upon their arrival that the individuals final decisions are revealed, understood and duly respected.

Once Betty had allowed herself to be all cried out, she made one last simple request, “Give me peace. Give me silence.”

As the seamsters prepared her needle and thread, she wondered if Betty would say one last “Boop-Oop-A-Doop” for old times sake. Instead, the beautiful Betty sat weeping tears of joy as the seamstress carefully sewed Betty into a permanent silence.


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