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Painting By Hazel BottrillEther Books are a new online publishing company, bringing together a wide selection of short fiction, articles, poetry and serials for you to download onto your i-phone, i-pad or kindle. I’m really pleased to join etherbooks, where you can now download two of my short stories.

For the Love of Bob, (as read by the brilliant Gareth Brierley, at the most recent “Are You Sitting Comfortably”  evening at Brighton’s The Basement ) Is a monologue, where bob discusses, amongst other things, his volunteer work at a charity shop, his appreciation of 1970’s comics little & Large and the uncanny resemblance between his mum and that of the the Queen mother

“I’ve always, and mean always, thought my mum to be the spitting image of the Queen Mum. Not now the Queen Mum’s dead; no, before that, when she used to walk around and wave.”

Frank is a much darker tale, taken from the ‘Blanche Street’ collection. Frank loves to hate, but loves those who hate the most; after answering an ad in his local paper, he arrangers to meet with the mysterious Christopher. Each step leads Frank into a darker place, but will he be able to stomach the final surprise?         

“Isn’t it wonderful to have the original stains ingrained in the cloth?”  Frank shrugged his shoulders as Christopher gentle lifted the fragile uniform to the light and said, “Excrement.”                                                                                                                                                         Christopher looked at Frank’s blank face, “Frank, its shit, real prisoner’s shit.”

Hope that’s caught your attention enough to seek out my work at,

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