Zombies invade Brighton (again)

Vacant stares, feet shuffling aimlessly as you following the crowd, low moans filling the air. No I’m not talking about the Saturday night pub crowd stumbling up St James Street at 3am, but the rather brilliant Beach of the Dead invasion, that will be hitting the streets of Brighton on Saturday 22nd October.

Judging by the hoards of zombies that took to the street last year, it is safe to say that the Zombie fest, Beach of the Dead will now be an annual fixture in Brighton’s “must do” calendar. For those who missed it, what a treat you missed! Last year the streets were awash with every conservable members of the un-dead as you could possible imagine, from the stereotypical Dawn of the Dead, white faced, torn shirt brigaded, to some extremely imaginative creations; including a bride and groom zombie fighting over a severed hand, a Where’s Wally, and even a Hunter S. Thompson/Jonny Depp ala Fear and loathing in Las Vegas Zombie.

As we slouched through the daylight streets, people cheered rather than ran off with screams of fear…well except for one woman who was caught up in a gang of zombies banging on the side of the bus as she called out, “I’m not a zombie, I really do want to get the 26 to Fiveways.”

Rather appropriately the mass un-dead found themselves in the middle of the Brighton Pier, where a giant skeleton loomed down from the ghost train, then right on cue, Michael Jackson’s Thriller boomed out from the speakers followed by a group of flash mob zombies taking to the deck and throwing some perfectly synced Jackson moves.

What was brilliant about the day, was not only the hundreds of people who had made such an effort with their rotting flesh and bedraggled costumes, but the imagination of others. At one point my zombie friends and I were accosted by a film crew who wanted to interviews us. They probed us with questions like “How does it feel to be un-dead? Do you think the Human Rights Act should be inclusive to zombies?” We in turn responded to their questions with appropriate groans, which  seemed to do the trick!

As we made our way onto the New Stein gardens, it was brilliant to see even more inventive zombies, from Beetlejuice, hunky un-dead builders and a trio from Fame, they really will live forever! From here, once again the flash mob kicked things off once again to a mega mix of monster themed tunes.

And so Brighton’s streets will be awash with more zombies of every description, causing mayhem and raising eyebrows and laughs in equal measures, but isn’t that what Brighton is all about? If you are a fan of all thing ghost and goolie and can’t wait till Halloween, then drag out your worse looking outfit, whiten up your face and hit the streets on the 22nd October for the brilliant Beach of the Dead

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  1. Jack Scott

    Ah Brighton. How I miss it – tatty and chic all in one package – fab.

  2. glenn Stevens

    You’re so right Jack, but hey, we wouldn’t want it any other way 😉


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