Diana Rowe: Senior Counsellor at Terrence Higgins Trust, Brighton.

Senior councillor THT Brighton

Following a successful career in TV production at the BBC, Diana Rowe moved to Brighton in 2004 seeking a new challenge. She had trained as a Person-Centred counsellor in London and in Brighton. Her counselling experience includes working for the Brighton Women’s Centre, Mankind UK as well as managing Age Concern’s counselling service.

Diana started her role as Senior counselor at THT in Autumn 2009 and now works alongside four qualified volunteer counselors. This service offers anyone affected by HIV a safe place to explore any issue(s) that are causing them concern or stopping them from moving forward in their life.

How do I access the Counselling Service at THT?

Anyone affected by HIV can call the main office on 01273 764200 and ask for counselling, giving their contact details and then Diana will call you back. If you are not sure and just want more information about the service you can always talk to Diana and/or be sent a counselling service leaflet.

Some people may be referred to the counselling team at THT. This could be via the team from the Claude Nichol / Lawson Unit, the Community Specialist Team or the Sussex Beacon. Other clients are referred by another department within THT if they feel it would be beneficial to the client. They include, THT’s HIV Health Trainer, Mandy South, Welfare Rights Worker, Tim Procter, or one of the outreach team from face2face. Please note the face2face service is for gay and bisexual men only.

I’m not sure counselling is for me.

Diana and her team fully understand. Because of this, the first session is tailored for the client to discuss their counselling needs and to progress from there.

For some people talking to a stranger about their intimate experiences can seem a very strange thing to do, however people report how helpful it is to talk to somebody neutral, outside their every day life, as a sounding board and a way of exploring different perspectives. Diana Rowe: Senior Counsellor. 

How quickly and many times can I see the counselor?

Due to the high demand of this service an immediate appointment is not possible, however Diana will call you within a week and your first appointment is usually within a couple of weeks. After the initial meeting, a contract is entered into between yourself and Diana or one of her team. You can have up to twelve sessions.

Some clients can find the thought of twelve sessions daunting, so discussing how many they think they can commit to initially can feel reassuring and of course this can be expanded later. Diana Rowe: Senior Counsellor . 

 Diana and her team have a wealth of experience behind them. If you feel that you could benefit from using the counselling service at THT, then give reception a call on 01273 764200 to arrange an appointment.

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