Everthing you wanted to know about S&M sex but were afraid to ask…

Red Hankie

Red, Yellow, Black and Blue.

For those who know there hanky code, the title will prick up their ears (was the last word a typing error?)For the experienced, and novices alike when it comes to all things S&M, THT and CHAPS have                    re-launched the excellent  Hardcell

Hardcell (http://hardcell.org.uk) is an extremely well informed website looking at the more diverse side of sex play. The site is split into five areas each answering nearly every question you wanted to ask about S&M sex but was too afraid to ask.

The playroom looks at S&M games covering everything from corporal punishment, body modification, breath controls to sex toys. The site is easy to navigate around giving sound advice on how to get the best from each sexual activity, keeping you and your partner safe and how some of the activities are perceived by the law.

The Lab is a no nonsense approach to recreational drugs, from alcohol to crack. Each section breaks down what the drug is, what the user can expect to happen when the drug is taken and the risks involved.

The Clinic details what to expect from your local STI clinic, and how to get the best from the servicers they provide. This section also lists just about every sexually transmitted infection (STI), giving sound advice how to avoid STI’s, or to stop passing them on, tell-tell signs that you have picked an STI up, the symptoms of individual STI’s and the treatment available to rid yourself of infection.

The Bunker takes the mystery out of slang terms and abbreviations used on online profiles, personal ads and internet chat. Ever wanted to know what “Bagpiping” Tromboning” or to “Tribute” meant, then check out The Bunker to find out more.

The power room tackles sensitive issues, from how to deal with sexual assault, and detailing where to get help and support. Other subjects covered include safer surfing on the web, directions to other sites for men living with an HIV+ diagnoses, as well as a section directing the user to other websites covering the issues that may come up from the other rooms. The final section looks at S&M sex and the law. For those who practice S&M sex and are unaware of the prosecutions brought by the police in 1990 under the name Operation Spanner, this section is a must read to know your rights and how your sex games are perceived by the law in the UK.

The site is extremely informative, well presented and some hot shots of men in leather, what more reason do you need to visit www.hardcell.org.uk

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