Help Stop Anti-LGBT Campaigner’s of Hate

Help Stop Anti-LGBT Campaigner’s of Hate.

Throughout the years there have been countless cranks, politicians and religious fanatics ready to jump on the bandwagon to spout words of hate against the LGBT community; some are destructive, while others are just plain ridiculous. Who can forget the right wing views of Reverend Jerry Falwell who suggested that Tinky-Winky, (an animated foam form) from the children’s TV programme the Tellytubbes, was gay.

 “He is purple – the gay-pride colour; and his antenna is shaped like a triangle – the gay-pride symbol.”  Rev. J. Falwell.

 Closer to home we had the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester, James Anderton, who referred to homosexuals and those with HIV/AIDS  as, “swirling in a cesspit of their own making.” His comments came during a period when there was mass fear and misinformation with regards to HIV and AIDS. At the same time the Conservative Government where running their own anti LGBT campaign by introducing the destructive Clause 28. This piece of legislation prohibited the promotion of homosexuality as a ‘pretended family relationship’ (re: not ‘normal’ as a heterosexual relationship) in schools.  

 Thankfully Anderton went extremely quiet after his daughter came out to the press as a lesbian, while Clause 28 was eventually abolished in Scotland in 2000 and 2003 for the rest of the UK. As for the Reverend Falwell? He was probably not happy to lie on his death bed knowing that he will be eternally remembered (by the LGBT community at least) for making such a ridiculous anti gay stance about a children’s programme.

 As much as we can laugh at such foolish comments, it must be remembered that both these men where in high positions of power. As such, they had many people hanging on to their every word, while the Conservative Government’s legislation went some way in preventing sensible discussions on LGBT sexualities within the classroom. This undoubtly has led to the rise in HIV infection amoung the 16-19 age group.

 It would be nice to think that as we settle into the 21st century that such, out-dated views would be assigned to the rubbish bin where they belong; unfortunately there are still plenty more anti-LGBT groups commanding power, influencing politicians and dictating policies on human rights.

At present for example there is a post circulating many social media websites, regarding the funding of Hate Groups via the PayPal website; an activity that goes against PayPal’s rules. One such group is the Abiding Truth Ministries, fronted by a Mr. Scott Lively. On their website there is plenty of hate to wade through along with some preposterous ideologies, including Lively’s views that Hitler was gay and that, “the Nazi Party was entirely controlled by militaristic homosexuals.” Despite all the evidence that disputes such absurd views, Lively’s followers lap his words up, filling their minds with more hatred, intolerance and violence aimed squarely at the LGBT community.

 To dismiss Lively as little more than a bible bashing crank, is to underestimate the power this man has on not only his thousands of followers across the American states, but in many other countries across the world too, including; Eastern Europe, Russia and Africa. In an open letter to the Russian people in 2007 Lively stated that “homosexuality is a personality disorder that involves various, often dangerous sexual addictions and aggressive, anti-social impulses.” Just how much of a negative impact this had on the Russian LGBT community is hard to say, but as we have seen with the heavy crackdown on any attempts to hold a Gay Pride March in the Russian capital of Moscow, Lively’s words would only have added fuel to an already roaring fire.

 In 2009 Lively went to Uganda to spread his words of hate at a conference in Uganda, titled ‘The evils of homosexuality’. While there he said, “The gay movement is an evil institution. The goal of the gay movement is to defeat the marriage-based society and replace it with a culture of sexual promiscuity.” After this trip Lively was reported as saying he delivered a “nuclear bomb against the gay agenda in Uganda,” and he was right. A month after Lively’s meeting with the Ugandan lawmakers, a new Gay Hate Bill was introduced calling for the death penalty for certain homosexual acts and prison for those who failed to indentify known homosexuals within their community. Although there have been reports in the press that the death penalty has been dropped from the bill, there is still an extremely repressive regime in place against the LGBT community and those standing up for their rights.

 So, what can you do to help prevent Lively and others like him spreading their anti-LGBT message.

First get fuelled into action by watching clips from Scott Mills’ excellent documentary, Scott Mills: The World’s Worst Place to be Gay:

Join the online campaign asking PayPal to close the loopholes that are allowing funds to get to these Gay Hate Groups, . At prestent Paypal are refusing to close the Hate group’s account, please sigh the petiton today.

Join Amnesty International mailing list, and help oppressed LGBT communities worldwide.

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6 Responses to Help Stop Anti-LGBT Campaigner’s of Hate

  1. Phil

    great post.

  2. davidfray

    I am saddened that, in these modern times, that hate crimes against the lgbt global community, are practiced by hypocrites from the supposed compassionate & forgiving church of Christianity. Is it any wonder that in more developed countries, people are turning away from Churches in droves, towards a more humanistic practice.

    As for these ‘pro family’ groups, are not lgbt people, the product of families? Would they argue for the sterilisation of parents of lgbt’s? I think not. The Kinsey scale of sexuality has more people in the grey shades than pure straight and gay. A rich society is a diverse one.

    LGBT hate crime is akin to racism, sexism, anti-semitsm. Homophobia is by definition a phobia, and like all other phobias, (with exception of the fear of loud noises, and falling, (inherited from our primate ancestors)), is a learnt fear. People have to be taught to hate, and that is exactly what the ministry of Scott Lively is doing.

    Please, everyone, whether you identify as LGBT or not, whether you are Christian or not, recognise the suffering that people are enduring from hate campaigns, and do whatever you can, to stop it’s funding, practice and misinformation.

  3. Glenn Stevens

    Thank you for your reply David. It is interesting that PayPal have banned the KKK from their site due to their racist views, but are still digging their heals in on Hate Groups against the LGBT community. Let’s hope more people start standing up and speaking out against Hate Groups in the same way they are starting to speak out and take action against Hate Crime.

  4. Sandy Ellis

    Dear Glenn
    Thanks for this article. We do need a reminder to stand up and be counted periodically because we have the luxury of busy lives, with many friends and a social structure which supports and even nurtures us in all our shades of sexuality. Remembering it is not the same for everyone out there is necessary, as is action, whether financial, political, emotional etc. which keepi ssues in the forefront of a competitive information arena and therefore keeps the pressure on us all, not just the culprits, which is a good thing. I read this article and thought how I felt when I awoke this morning – not petrified or isolated were top of the list. I cannot imagine what it is like for the people at the mercy of these vile haters and war mongerers (and it is a war, make no mistake). So thanks again for this article – well written, level headed and humane but above all informative. Really enjoy your pieces and this is even better than usual.

    Sandy Ellis

  5. Glenn Stevens

    Thanks Sandy,
    I think it is sometimes too easy to forget that there are people out there with hatred on their minds, spinning their misinformation of sexuality, drumming up fear. Glad you like the piece.


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