Love to Read: ways of getting back into the habit.

img_6096For many people, reading is a true pleasure, a way of escaping into a different world, for others the very thought of tackling a book can be so daunting, that they are put off by the experience altogether. Such feelings can come from a number of experiencers, from dyslexia, poor eyesight to just not being confident that they will finish a book, which then feeds into despondency.

Thankfully your local library has many options of different reading material to help everyone participate in the pleasure of a good book.

Graphic novels: The time when graphic novels were just for teenage boys has long gone, these days the range of graphic novels cover just about any subject you can think of, from the traditional Super Hero  to books about Brighton history, Maus, to classic tales.
The brilliant thing about graphic novels is there accessibility through pictures and words, making this medium the perfect introduction for the reluctant reader. Brighton and Hove libraries also offer a free download service of hundreds of graphic novels and books that can be borrowed in the same way as physical books.

Essential Skills Books are a collection of classic abridged novels and short
stories. This collection of books are brilliant for people who want to access well known books but are put of by the sheer volume of words. This collection is also a great way for people who wish to learn English as a second language. Many of the Essential skills books are accompanied with a CD allowing the reader to improve their reading skills.

Large Print Books are exactly that, a range of fiction an dnon fiction books written in large print to help those with poor vision.

Audio Books are another way for everyone to access the joy of story telling. For many people, the last time they were read to was as a child. It is only when you choose to give an audio book a go, do you realise just what a pleasure it is to be read too. Audio books are a great for the visually impaired, to have playing in the car on long road trips, to having a great tale read to you before night-time.

Many of Brighton Hove libraries also have a collection of specialist books, from large picture books for children, books in brail and reminiscence books; these books have text and images especially developed for those living with dementia.

There are so many ways for those who love books, haven’t read in a while or are just starting on their journey of discovery into the wonderful world of reading, all it takes is for you to choose your medium, from paper back to ebooks, their is something for everyonew

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