……….Movember: 7 days later

7 Days later and my tach is beginning to look a little like a caterpillar. If truth be known I was hoping to have something more to twiddle by now…

Let me explain myself; way back in 2004, a group of thirty men from Melbourne, Australia got together and decided to grow a tach over thirty days with the intention of raising awareness and funds about prostate cancer and depression in men. Since that time the campaign has been picked up by men from across the globe with men putting down their razors and asking friends, family and in some cases, complete strangers for sponsorship towards the cause as they grow a lip warmer.

Since the charity began a staggering $174-million has been raised worldwide.

As a cancer survivor, I wanted to help raise funds and awareness and so I too whipped off my whiskers (i’ve sported a tach and goatee for a good number of years) and have been patiently shaving for the last week and within that time have raised £58.00 with promises from others they will contribute as my tach grows.     

A big thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far, if you would like to add to the pot, please go to the Movember website and type in my full name to get my page up.

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