World Book Night: Part two

Laden down with books, we hit the town, ready to give, give, give. First off we hit Brighton Pier; being a bit of a damp March evening, it was quiet, quiet but everyone we stopped and asked if they would like a book were really pleased we had done so. (BTW, If you have found my web page via getting a copy of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, hello, please have a read of my other articles.)

Next we tried our luck on the streets, popping in to late night cafes and shops to unload a few more copies, again they were gratefully received.  To warm up and see how the other were giving, we stepped into the Jubilee Library, who were also celebrating their 6th Anniversary. Along with the book give away were some live performances. Had the event been outside on a summer’s evening it might have felt less frantic. After fighting through the crowd to find that there had been a bit of a scram when the books were first given out, with a lot of people filling up their carrier bags with books; for me that wasn’t quite the spirit of the event. After giving away a few more books, we hit the streets again, giving away the last of our books to random strangers who were pleasantly surprised to receive a free book. After that we hit the pub, had a beer then came home feeling quite chuffed to have been part of World Book Night.

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  1. ron ede

    dear glenn
    enjoyed reading about your book night. ido remember the weather was horrible
    but was surprised that you the good response that you had considering the weather etc
    am pleased for you andthe others that it went all ok
    cheers ron


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